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Sambodromo live in Rio de Janeiro - Get your tickets here

Football fans celebrate in the Maracanã, carnival fans do it at the Sambodromo. Every year there is the world-famous samba parade in this Stadium of Samba, where the samba schools of Rio de Janeiro vie with one another. In every samba school, a multitude of choreographers and thousands of members spend almost a year with creating the costumes for the parade. On both sides of the Sambadromo, in separate blocks, the spectators watch this vibrant mixture of rhythm, dance and colorful costumes. Built in 1984 by Oscar Niemeyer, the Sambodromo has enough room for an audience of 90,000.

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Dates for the Parade in the Sambodromo

•    Presentation of promoted samba schools – Day 1
•    Presentation of promoted samba schools – Day 2
•    Parade of special schools – Day 1
•    Parade of special schools – Day 2
•    Children’s Parade
•    March of Winners in the Sambodromo


The Sambodromo is divided in different sectors which can be booked at different prices. The sectors in the middle and at the end of the parade tend to be more expensive. To help you make your mind up, here is a brief overview of the range of tickets. So you can make your decision in compliance with your budget:

Seats for smaller and medium-sized budgets
On the bleachers you can take a seat as you wish, you can also walk up and down between the rows and take a new seat within the same sector. From the higher rows you have a better view of the parade as a whole, from the lower seats you can see the costumes of the samba schools better. Sector 9 is an exception, where you can book numbered seats, which are more expensive. The most expensive seats are at the start of the parade and at the half-time mark. The best choices are sectors 4-11.

Front boxes
If you want to be a bit closer, the open boxes just next to the parade are for you. The boxes have four rows each, with Row A being closest to the parade. Every box has numbered chairs and a small table.

Luxury suites (VIP)
These are the only places of the Sambodromo which are covered and they extend straight along the Street of Parades and thanks to an elevation they enable you to have the best view of the happening. The private suites are specially decorated, are air-conditioned and offer full comfort and safety. A first-class dinner along with a butler service makes this experience almost perfect!


Book your tickets for the parade in the Sambodromo as early as possible since they are highly coveted. The most wanted tickets are the ones for Sunday and Monday and they are often sold out even months ahead of the event.

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5 69 Well looked after June 19., 2019
From Pat & Camel
My elderly parents were in Rio for a few days over the Carnival period on a cruise holiday. The cruise operator was charging extortionate amounts to attend the Carnival so I decided to research organising a private guide for them who could also arrange Sambadrome tickets. I found Lisa Rio Tours on Trip Advisor. I found her very helpful and we arranged everything by email and phone. I was able to transfer the money to pay for my parents trip to the Sambadrome and also a private tour of Rio in advance. Lisa was there to meet them off the ship and take them on a great day long tour of Rio and the following day they were picked up to attend the Carnival and it all worked out really well, at a fraction of the Cruise operator's price. It meant that I didnt have to worry about my parents getting ripped off or lost or wose in Rio by themselves. They had a great time and really appreciated everything Lisa and her colleagues did for them

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